I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

Benefits, baby!: 

  • Virtual coworkers "right next to you" with whom you can bounce ideas around, like you would next to the water cooler or in the break room.

  • Mentors and colleagues to teach you new concepts, coach you, empower you and believe in you. 

  • A simple and fun way to meet your continuing education needs. This is an opportunity to dig deeper into what you know, add new layers of learning and apply it. Over and over again. 

  • An ongoing community that truly "gets" you! 


 And now the deets:


  • 3 + hours of live interaction via Zoom each month (recordings available), exploring new concepts and skills, focusing on mind-body practical application and in support of the NTA foundations.

  • Regular interaction with Christie and Brook via the group discussion and Q&A boards.

  • Group coaching/mentoring during calls and on discussion boards.

  • Support from all the collective members! It will be a powerful, fun, positive and empowering group! 

  • A reference list and recommended books, videos, podcasts.

  • Exceptional guest speakers that we respect and adore to offer their insight and wisdom on topics we know you care about.

  • Along with ongoing live meetings, conversation and community, you will have access to the existing pre-recorded discussions and guest speakers as well as the resources and references shared previously.

  • We are a pre-approved CEU provider for the NTA and a year-long membership will provide you with 24 CEUs!  

  • In-person trainings are also being considered and will only be available to members of TFCC! They will relate directly to the content we cover in our monthly lessons and offer further practice, in person techniques, bonding, “circle time” and more.

  • BONUS!!! A 30 minute 2:1 meeting with Brook and Christie to use as you wish (case study, lots of questions, deep dive into a topic we’ve covered, etc.)