If there were only one word to describe Jeff Beadle's music, it would be Sentimental. His music has the power to uplift one's soul or bring it to its knees. As a folk singer/songwriter, he does not have a step-by-step routine when it comes to writing and composing music. He just lives his life and feeds off of his experiences, and relationships in order find stories worth singing about. Although music is his passion, he had doubts about where it could eventually take him, until a German record label called Butterfly Collectors believed in him enough to sign him and allow him to tour through Europe, leaving behind his wife and baby girl. Though they were apart for some time, his family is of great importance to him and they serve as a loving support system and a constant inspiration to his craft. If music is an expression of the soul, then Jeff Beadle has bared it all to his listeners. His music is a window to his world full of personal experiences and whirlwinds of emotion.