We're Brook Reyns and Christie Banners and we are creating the community we've wished for since we were new graduates. We were NTA classmates, group leaders, and eventually Lead Instructors together. Along the way we have become best friends and soul sisters. 


We loved our experiences in the classroom at all levels. We've heard the same from so many of you. We’ve heard that you miss it from students, from group leaders, and from our colleagues. We hear similar things from practitioners of other modalities. We want a strong community of people. We want mentorship from others. We want kind, intelligent and committed people to accept us, to challenge us to learn more and to learn with us. We want to share what we’ve learned and encourage others to do the same. So... we are making it happen.


We know that nutrition is the foundation of good health. And we know it is not enough on its own. So our collective community will focus on supporting the foundations of health with a mind body approach. We will guide and teach skills while participating and learning with our members. We will bring in guest experts to share their knowledge and build them up. It will be an active, connected, and guided community as well as a training program that earns pre-approved CEUs. Yep, you read that right! Community, connection and CEU's in one place. Sound dreamy? 

About Christie and Brook